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Eastern Iowa Volleyball Camps
Eastern Iowa Volleyball Camps
SoloSpike Frequently Asked Questions

(?) – What does a SoloSpike Session Consist of?
SoloSpikeTraining consists of 12 - 1 and 1/2 hour sessions. This is twice a week for 6 weeks. The first 1/2 hour is Skills Training: Passing, Setting and Attacking skills will be covered during Skills Training Sessions.

The next hour (based upon five participants per machine) will follow the official protocol for SoloSpike Training System to Maximize Hitting Endurance, Develop Game Speed Hitting Power and Understand Hitting Mechanics.  Between sessions at the SoloSpike machine athletes will complete strength and conditioning activities which will prepare them for the upcoming season.

(?) - What if a training session will be missed?
Answer: A missed session usually can be made up the next day.  Athletes should not do more than two days of training in a row. Because some times are full, participants should always check with a coach to see what time will work best for a make-up session.

If a video/testing date will be missed, the athlete will be videod/tested upon their return.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to be sure the coaches know they need to be videod/tested.

(?) – What should I do if my club/school coach teaches things differently?
Answer: There are many ways to teach volleyball.  The SoloSpike system was developed to help the athlete become a better volleyball player utilizing fundamentals to assist the athlete in reducing the chance for injury.  There will always be slight differences.  Do what your coach wants you to do so you can get on the court.  Please feel free to have your coach contact Rick Blackwell, 319-640-0715, if they have any questions.

(?) – Can I get a refund if my daughter does not like the program?
Answer – We work with each case individually.  There must be a very valid reason for a refund to be provided. Credit towards other camps or for future SoloSpike camps is much more likely.

(?) – What should I wear?
Answer – Volleyball shoes, spandex or shorts, and a t-shirt.  Please do NOT just wear a sports bra or shirts that are cut down the sides.  There are many people who come to watch their children or siblings participate. Please dress appropriately.

(?) What else should I bring?
Answer – A towel. A filled water bottle. Perhaps an additional shirt to change into.

(?) – Where is parking?
Answer – Between the SportsPLEX and COURTS Buildings

(?) – Is there ice available in case of injury?
Answer – We will have Ice bags available.

(?) - Who are the coaches?
Answer – Coach Blackwell, Coach O’Keefe are certified SoloSpike Trainers.  The college level athletes have participated as a player in SoloSpike for one to four years and have taught SoloSpike for one to three years.  Each college level SoloSpike instructor is trained by the certified staff as to the protocol of the SoloSpike program.

(?) – What time can we arrive for sessions and what time should I pick up after a session?
Answer – We ask all athletes to arrive fifteen minutes before their session is to begin. This will allow for warming up and stretching.  We want to start activity on time when the session is to start.  We ask all parents to pick up their athlete no later than 15 minutes after the completion of a session.  Please call and make arrangements if this cannot be accomplished. Rick Blackwell 319-640-0715.

(?) – Can athletes stay and play after a SoloSpike Session?
Answer – The courts are being used while SoloSpike Sessions are being held.

(?) – Can GameOn be rented by outside groups?
Answer – YES. To rent a facility, call GAMEON SPORTS.